Something must break

>Love Is Love And Not Fade Away


Title: Buddy Holly (or The Rolling Stones) – Not Fade Away

Buddy Holly and The Rolling Stones said it well. Love is love, and not fade away. If it’s love, it won’t fade now, will it? But what if it feels like it’s fading, or rather slipping away? Is it still love or what is it? I don’t know.

I’m sitting here, listening to The Rolling Stones now. I’m gonna add two-three movies to my iPod later on, and then hopefully watch a movie or two or something. I don’t know why I’m so negative to The Rolling Stones going up on my After all, they’ve got some of my favorite albums of all time (so far: Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed) and some of the finest songs I can think of (Wild Horses, Play With Fire, “Paint It, Black”…) and they’re the kind of band I like: From the 60’s, playing rock’n’blues and was there before the “big scene” got there and got some GREAT harmonica playing. Damn it, I’m gonna go ahead and listen more to them and get them UP on my!

When I listened through “December’s Children” yesterday (for the first time), I didn’t like it all that much, but it’s growing on me. Growing fast! Almost as fast as The Monks’ “Black Monk Time” did not long ago (but that’s like the fastest ANY album have grown on me as well, cus I think I thought it was PERFECT from the first listen).

I think I’ll watch “The Searchers” today. The John Wayne movie. He’s got a great reputation, but I haven’t really enjoyed any of his works yet, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m just a bit disappointed with myself for watching “Casablanca” before all them other movies I bought when I was in London this summer, because it’s like the best damn movie I’ve EVER seen!


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