Something must break

>Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away


Title: The Beatles – Yesterday

I thought this was a good time to write a blog post at. I just fixed the sound on my computer! It hasn’t worked for quite a few days, which was QUITE annoying, especially when I wanted to see a movie or something with miss Universe, which I’ll get back to. This post is to be posted…LONG after I’ve written it (I wrote it at 01.31 AM at Friday 9th of July).

You see, the past seven days, I’ve been with miss Universe EVERY DAY! And it has just been the best week EVER! We’re amazingly close! But the best part has been left out to tell you yet…I think. She came to me five days ago and was here till yesterday (or Wednesday, that is). Which means, she slept her for three nights! Those three nights were the first time we slept together (in its litteral meaning, not sex). First night was a bit hot, but the other two nights were just amazingly perfect. I loved sleeping with her by my side SO much! I hope we can do it again soon!

Today, I’ve been with her and seen the last Shrek-movie…in 3D at the cinema! We’ve had a day that I don’t feel like sharing too much with you (I’ll share it with my diary instead), but I CAN tell you that we started a book circle, consisting of only the two of us, which is the best circle I can think of! First book to read is Agatha Christie’s “4.50 From Paddington”. I’m looking forward to starting! I rarely look THIS much forward to reading a book, but this one I do. We both bought ourselves one version each.

Now it’ll be quite some time before I see miss Universe again, because she’s going on a holiday with her dad. I hope she’ll have a great trip. I really do! But she mustn’t forget about me though, because I’ll be at home missing her and still being IN love with her, so I don’t want her to get a new boyfriend or anything. Yes, I’m EXTREMELY jealous, but luckily in a way, so is she, so it’s tolerated in our relationship.

Oh, and by the way, for those who are MADLY interested in what I buy, the last blog post (or something) where I said I’d bought some vinyls, I forgot to mention Violent Femmes’ “Hallowed Ground”


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