Something must break

>Get Rhythm When You Get The Blues


Title: Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm

Some days are just perfect for Johnny Cash music. I’m not gonna lie to you, I can NOT listen to Johnny Cash at any given day, but today, it suits me to listen to my new Johnny Cash CD. Or should I say “new”, since it’s his very first recordings. The Sun Recordings. Those legendary Sun Recordings. But I like them. I guess I’m a bit Johnny Cash-mainstream, because I like the Sun Recordings, At Folsom Prison, At San Quentin and the American recordings best. But then again, I haven’t listened to much other by him than those recordings either, so what do I know.

I’ve been listening to Pavement until now. Since I bought two deluxe CD’s by them, I figured I should listen a bit. I liked “The Killing Moon” cover of the Echo & The Bunnymen song, which was a good thing I did. I think I liked the album itself as well of “Brighten The Corners” and “Crooked Rain Crooked Rain”.

I don’t really know what to do today, because I suddenly fixed my major problem, miss Universe is busy it seems and not with me, and I’ve been checking for jobs (none really for me, since I don’t know ANYTHING about cars other than the basics, and I’ve got allergy, so I couldn’t work as a flowerist), and I’ve read up a bit on Ubuntu. Becoming adult isn’t always much fun. It’s better when you’re growing up with someone (like I am with miss Universe).

I hate how my parents acts towards me. They keep treating me like I’m a little child. I’m afraid of never getting rid of them, because they’re really holding me back. If only the world was like I’d want it to be.


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