Something must break

>Maybe Someday You’ll Come And Save Me


Title: Lazlo Bane – Midday Train

Seems like my girlfriend just read my last blog post. So now she’s opening up to me, but I feel like it’s more to prove me wrong than to convince me, if you understand what I mean. But yeah, I probably should be there more for her now, since she just ended going to a school she’s been at for 10 years. It’s just that I feel like she’s a long way from me (mentally, not physically, since she’s as long away as always physically) and I just quit the school I’ve been going to for two years, and are most likely never going to meet some of those friends I’ve had there, and some of the friends I’ve had for twelve years, and that’s just hard on me right now. But we’re not talking about that. And no one’s told me they wish me a good summer.

“And maybe someday you’ll come and save me
Just before the midday train comes crashing over to take my number
Well could it be, I just believe
And only have an optimistic afternoon”

-Lazlo Bane


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