Something must break

>People Are People So Why Should It Be?


Title: Depeche Mode – People Are People

I’ve probably got a big problem with my jealousy. Or I guess I do. But you try to not be jealous when your girlfriend is the perfect girl for you and she’s surrounded by boys she’s been in love with all the time, and she’s talking to them, a bit flirty with them and touches them. Even on their asses.

But let’s talk about something else, then. I’m currently feeling like I’m gonna throw up any second now. I didn’t handle the chiropractor therapy too well today, and haven’t been quite healthy since I went to him. I’ve got some headache as well, but it’s nothing too big. I’m REALLY cold now. Like, freezing. I’ve got to stay cold, or at least not hot, before going to bed these days, because otherwise I won’t be able to sleep at night for some hours, and that’s just…not a good idea with my thoughts lately. Things can get pretty fucked up by that.

Now I started talking negatively again. Let me talk about some great things then.

The greatest I can think of right now (that’s news), is that today, I got two CD’s by mail! It was Cary Brothers’ “Waiting For Your Letter” EP and Lazlo Bane’s “11 Transistor”. I LOVE Cary Brothers’ music, and especially the song “Waiting For Your Letter”, but I’ve unfortunately not been able to get hand on it before I bought it AND Lazlo Bane’s “11 Transistor”, which is a CD I’ve been looking for since 2003 or 2004, from an eBay-seller in Hong Kong. I’m SUPER happy about receiving them both, but unfortunately, I can’t use MY computer to rip the “11 Transistor”-album onto my computer, so gotta use my dad’s computer or something tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’ll also be going to school, which RARELY (luckily) is the case lately. We’re gonna be having a…oh, I don’t know. Something to try to make us figure out what the fuck we wanna do with our lives. Always boring, but hopefully, I’ll have some “friends” there that I can talk to and be bored with. Always fun to embarress some of them.

I think I miss my grandfather


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