Something must break

>Stigmata – Blood And Gasoline

>Title: The 69 Eyes – Stigmata (no matter which version)

Don’t think I’ve blogged for a day or two now, so why not do it now that I’ve got the oppotunity and has SOMETHING to blog about.

Yesterday, my girlfriend was at my place again. We had a LOVELY time together. We were on a “picnic” for three hours. That picnic was held by the…lake or sea or something, on a cool rock. We got there by driving my moped. Not entirely legal, but it didn’t seem like it was bothering anyone. It will most likely be repeated again some day. Probably this summer.

Today though, I’m still on a strike, which means I’m home, and I’ve been recording some music today. But that wasn’t what I was supposed to say. What I was supposed to tell you about now, was that some weeks back, I ordered a single by The 69 Eyes (GREAT Finnish rock band, you should check them out, especially the albums “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams”, “Wasting The Dawn” and “Devils”) which was in limited edition (500 editions) on a red vinyl. I GOT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY! It’s supposed to have “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” (the song) as its A-side and “Stigmata (Gothic Mix)” as its B-side, but its A-side was “Call Me” (great cover song, where as the original one was made by the band Blondie). Not quite sure what the B-side is yet, because I’m recording it as I write. Now I’ve listened to it for some while, and it’s Stigmata at the very least, not sure what kind of mix. But it’s freakin’ long!

I recommend EVERYONE interested in music (especially cult music, jazz, classic music or classic rock, since it’s usually them who release vinyl, but basically, if your favorite bands release vinyls, GET ONE!) to get a vinyl player that can convert vinyl to digital files. The sound quality of a “fresh” (unused) vinyl is uncomperable to anything else, really. I’m gonna start storing these kind of vinyl files as .wav-files instead of .mp3-files as I used to, because they’re much greater in quality (but takes up A LOT more space as well)!

Now I found out I can’t edit the information on the songs in Ubuntu after I’ve saved them though, so I have to do that right away when editing. Weird thing is that I added an album, but it didn’t pick up on that. But NOW I’m JUST talking to MYSELF, and that I can do fine WITHOUT blogging, so good bye!

(And now my dearly beloved blogging program, Blogilo, failed at posting this blog post. I hope it gets better soon)


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