Something must break

>The Look Of Love Is In Your Eyes


Title: Diana Krall – The Look Of Love

Today, I’ve been with the lovely ms Universe. She really is great! We were together yesterday as well. That was cool. We were at a Green Day concert, where Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (!) were the warm-up band. Green Day surprised me positively as a live band. I’d say it’s the third best concert I’ve EVER been to! Don’t think I’ve ever been looser at a concert either, which isn’t really that loose.

But TODAY, me and my girlfriend were at my place. First, we went to the pharmacy to get me some nasal spray for my allergy. I ran empty of it last night, and I’m feeling like I’m sick, because I can nearly not breathe, and I keep coughing and I just…yeah, I feel a bit sick, but it’ll hopefully get much better soon. Second, we went to buy a pair of headset to her. I had a coupon (which is kinda…weird to use, but still, cool). After that, we went home to my place, where we were just…cuddling and having fun and having a great time together. I love her SO MUCH!


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