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Title: Gorillaz – 19-2000

As I was sorting in last months CD’s now, I figured out I should listen through those I’ve never listened to EVERYTHING on. So, at this moment, I’m “ripping” Gorillaz’ “G Sides” to my computer. I’m gonna listen through it once, and then perhaps never again. Not sure why I haven’t sold it, because I didn’t even like it back when I bought it (I wanted “Gorillaz” by Gorillaz, but my dad convinced me that “G Sides” would get new hits on it and was the new thing by them…he was wrong).

My girlfriend’s…somewhere in this fine country right now, on a bus with 30-100 15-16 year old people. I’ve got to admit, I don’t really envy that. I’m pretty happy RIGHT HERE! On a strike with some demos recently recorded and trying to listen through a “new” CD. I’ll probably watch Dr. Strangelove later today. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m thinking it’ll be a new favorite movie. But then again, who knows?

The song I got my title from (19-2000) is pretty cool. Even though I’m listening to the Soulchild Remix of it.

I kinda wanna get some more garage rock in my collection. It’s too little of it there. The only garage rock I REALLY have, is on a CD that came with an Uncut magazine, where the artists are described as “Bands that were punk before punk” or something like that. The Monks have a great song on it. And some others. But nothing by my favorite garage rock band (so far, The Monks MIGHT get that title later on), The Sonics.


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