Something must break

>I’m So Sick


Title: Flyleaf – I’m So Sick

Today, I’ve had a day off because of the strike. It started…crappy. I woke up feeling I had to throw up…and did, but I didn’t have anything to throw up, so the only thing I got up, was spit and slime and stuff like that. And I had a head ache. I woke up at 7 AM! That’s TOO EARLY when I’ve got a school break. 40 minutes, I woke up and “threw up” the same things again. Then I slept until 11 AM or something, and then I was fine, but still had a bit of a headache. I got breakfast in bed.

After that, I got up to watch The Godfather Part 2, which I actually liked better than Part 1. I thought it was just 2 hours, but it apperently was 3 hours long, but split on two discs. Didn’t eat anything for lunch. BUT I got “Mars Attacks!” on DVD today from, so that was just so awesome! Gonna be watching films while ms Universe is gone, which she will start being as of tomorrow. I’ll miss her. Everything’s not okay at all time now a days, but we’ll pull through. I know I love her, and I hope she still loves me back for real, and as long as you have love, everything else is figureable, right?

Probably will blog more these following days, but perhaps more on my other blog than on this one, which is: which I use my mobile phone to blog with.


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