Something must break

>Somethin’ Else


Title: Eddie Cochran – Somethin’ Else

Eddie Cochran really was something else. He became 21 years, but still managed to revolutionate the world of music within these few years. He used overdubbing in his recording before it was commonly known in music studio technique. I myself, have to admit that I pick up a LOT of influence in my music from Eddie Cochran. It’s usually not listenable, but some songs CAN be traced back to it.

I’m listening a lot to Eddie Cochran lately. It’s great rockabilly from the 50’s…at least some of it. Some songs are just…not that cool, but DO check out “Nervous Breakdown”, “Somethin’ Else”, “C’Mon Everybody”, “Summertime Blues” and some songs I don’t remember at this very moment. My two favorites, are “Somethin’ Else” and “Nervous Breakdown”.

But now, I’m gonna talk about me instead of mr. Eddie. Today, I’ve been with my lovely girlfriend, ms Universe. Her name isn’t REALLY ms Universe, but she’s the prettiest, cutest, most perfect girl in the universe, so I call her that on this blog…from now on. But yeah, me and ms Universe was together today. We were for a long time in a shopping center, then we went home to hers. We almost fell asleep. We took a quick bite and left my backpack there, and then we left to see the soccer match of Norway playing against Montenegro. Norway won 2-1. It was fun to watch a soccer game with ms Universe. Then we went home to hers, catched my backpack, stayed for a short while, before I had to go catch a train.

We’re luckily going to meet again tomorrow. Can hardly wait. If I manage to do so, I’ll try to upload an image or two from today’s soccer match later on, but probably not before tomorrow.


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