Something must break

>Loving Cup


Title: The Rolling Stones – Loving Cup

I’ve had a WONDERFUL day with my girlfriend today! It was really something special! I was there so early, that almost no stores had opened yet. When they did, we visited a music store we’ve never been to before, which had ONLY classic (not like Led Zeppelin and stuff, but like Mozart and shit) music as you could see when you entered. Upstairs, they had lots of notebooks for artists, bands, albums, genres and so on. Also, they had some guitars, an ukulele, some mandorins and some other musical instruments and accessories.

After we got out of there, we went to…I don’t really remember! I think we went to…get me a ticket? I honestly don’t know. But at least, after some time in the city, we went a bit out of the centrum, and into a rock merch store. I came out with 5 buttons and two T-shirt, one by Tom Petty which it stood “Sell your computer, buy a guitar” on (which was an awesomely true saying) and the other was an Abbey Road T-shirt by The Beatles, which was black, blue and white and grey, which was AWESOME!

After that, we went home to my girlfriend’s, and we ordered a pizza. We took a bus to pick it up along with buying two cokes. When we got home, we watched “Big Fish” (a favorite movie of mine…I cried a bit at the end of it this time as well) and ate pizza, and just relaxed and it was so cozy and nice! She fell asleep on my chest. She’s the cutest thing ever!

We ate dinner together (tomato soup for appetizers and pancakes as main course), and then I had to take the train home. We were JUST short of being together for 11 hours! That’s SO nice! Tomorrow we won’t meet, but the day after that, we’re going to a soccer match together. Can’t WAIT!!!!!…to see and kiss and hold her in my arms again


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  1. >Du er så søt. Elsker deg en stor smule. Kanskje et brød. Nei, jeg sier et bakeri, jeg. Hm… En bakerikjede blir kanskje litt lite det også?

    28/05/2010 at 00:26

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