Something must break

>Have Love, Will Travel


Title: The Sonics (originally by Barrett Strong) – Have Love Will Travel

I’ve been playing the riff of the song I picked this blog post’s title from about 50-100 times today. It’s still a kick-ass riff, which is best served…LOUD! But unfortunately, I do not have anything by The Sonics in my collection.

Today’s been a good school day. I didn’t start until 09.55, and then I only had one math lesson, before I had one lesson where the subject of matter was spare time or free, if you’d like. Since NO ONE would sit with me in our classroom, I eventually went home with my moped. I don’t like being alone at school. It’s so…lonely. At home, I fixed Ubuntu’s panel (it had removed “Programs”, “Places” and “System”, which pretty much makes you disabled), checked out some bank stuff, and played the James Bond theme song like 35 times or so. I was practising making me play it perfect and FAST! I think I partially succeeded in that. After having played some guitar, I got quite bad with time for getting back to school, and since it rained, it was quite cold to get back there. I had physics, and of course, my lazy ass friend didn’t show up. When I was driving my moped home, I saw him outside, cycling around on his bike. I was tempted to flip him the bird (giving him the finger), but I didn’t.

After I got home, I’ve been playing guitar and spending time on my computer most of the time. At the moment, I’m watching a Peter Pan movie, and trying to install iTunes on my 100 GB portable school computer, and try to have my old iTunes library installed there, without having all the files on that computer, and then update my from my iPod. I REALLY hope it works!


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  1. >Turister som stirrer på aper.

    28/05/2010 at 21:14

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