Something must break

>I Wanna Hold You, Wanna Hold You Tight (Get Teenage Kicks Right Through The Night)


The title of this blog post is from the song “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones. It’s a great song. One of my favorites, probably. I just never seems to get QUITE enough of it, despite me usually getting pretty quickly bored with songs about teenage romance…and other teenage things. But yeah, thumbs up HIGH for “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones.

TODAY’s been a great day spent with my girlfriend! We had a great day, which was spent on walking around in my town, then taking the bus home to me, and after that, we took a ride on my scooter. That was GREAT! I liked it A LOT, but I’m a BIT scared of that I’ve frightened her about it, but it doesn’t really seem like she’s scared about it. We took some pictures, and had a great time! Then we went home, had ourselves a hot chocolate drink each and a TexMex wrap. Special combination, but it was all right.
After that, we just spent the day relaxing, kissing, tickling and just having a GREAT day! OH! And I got some condoms in my mail today…always a bit…embarresing.

Tomorrow, we’ll be at her city. I’m looking forward to seeing her again. It’ll be SO great! We’re also gonna be meeting both days this weekend (which sadly for you, might make me blog less this weekend). I can REALLY not wait for meeting her again! And this weekend is gonna be the best!

Now I’m feeling like I’m SUCH a teenager, so I’ll stop bloging now. Have a great day!


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