Something must break

>(We Don’t Need) No More Trouble

>This song I’m listening to right now (Bob Marley’s “No More Trouble” from Catch A Fire) fits me very well right now. I don’t feel like me and my girlfriend needs any more trouble right now. We’ve had our share for a long time. I’m just so jealous, because I’m afraid of losing her. She’s WAY too good for me…and I hope she never realizes that, and leaves me, because I do NOT know what to do without her!

I’m feeling that I can’t handle my feelings quite as well as before anymore, and that I’m becoming more whiny and needy and that I’m just becoming a worse boyfriend overall. I feel I’m in the way of her having a good time, and that I should just not be in her life anymore, because she doesn’t need me as much as I need her, and I’m just taking up space and keeping her away from everything she cares about.

How I ever got her, will forever be a mystery. I’m a mistake, she’s perfect.


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